Хижина дяди Сталкера


It's time to get snow balling! » Snow-War 2.0 Alpha has been released!

There are new maps, models, and gameplay modes for you to enjoy. It's a great mod, and one that everyone should try out. Some info and screenshots await you below:
  • Last Man Standing gamemode
  • King Of The Mountain gamemode
  • Particle snowfall
  • Fog (seen completely only on OpenGL)
  • Power-ups: ballbag, snowshoes, shield and pogoshoes that are actually worn by player models
  • Several other things (read the manual)
  • Maps: ctf_fiume, lms_palace, sw_alley, sw_eskimopie, sw_industrial, sw_playgroundII, sw_russia_b2 and sw_blazwar

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