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Apparently Michael Booth has been working with VALVe software to create an official Counter-Strike bot for quite a while now. HomeLan Fed has the » exclusive interview:
HomeLAN — Why did VALVe decide to finally release an offline bot for Counter-Strike?

Erik Johnson — We’ve wanted to do a bot since we first released Team Fortress Classic, but for one reason or another something else just always kept us from attacking the job. We met Michael Booth a year or so ago and knew we wanted to work with him. After kicking around a few ideas, the bot just presented itself as the best thing to start with.

HomeLAN — Will there be support for the official CS bot in multiplayer and if so how will server operators be able to monitor bots on the server?

Michael Booth — The Counter-Strike Bot can be used in multiplayer games. Server operators can adjust the number of bots in the game, their difficulty level, and add or remove specific bots.
So maybe bots can automatically fill up servers without taking up spots now, but this isn’t the most exciting announcement in the world since the CS community has had bots for a long time now.

The official bot should go into testing at the end of April over Steam so you can expect it to be good and playable on Steam around mid-May. Question for those in the comments: good or bad move on VALVe’s part?
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