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Мой любимый Peter Molyneux » рассказывает о своей новой игре The Movies.

Proclaimed by ourselves, we being the notorious IGN, Pirates! is one of the greatest games of all time, specifically #27. When we learned that Sid Meier and team Firaxis were hard at work bringing Pirates! up to date for the newest millennium, our bearded jaws dropped and our eyes popped out from behind our eye patches.

The new version of Pirates! is everything the original was with a slew of new sections thrown in. For instance, sneaking into town now pits players in a stealth romp through the streets of town, attempting to avoid pesky guards with their flashlights. Conversely, if you’re thrown in jail you can do the same to try and sneak out of town.

Things like ground battles, which were rather clumsy in the original, have been totally revamped and now resemble an RTS of sorts. Swordfights remain true to the spirit of the original game, being based mostly on timing and reflexes rather than pure button-mashing speed, only this time there’s a whole lot more to see and interact with.

The obvious graphical enhancements aside, there’s a whole lot more to this new version of Pirates! than we feel like writing right now.

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