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GeekPlay, that far famed demo playing utility, has updated to version 6. GeekPlay allows users to open any demo anywhere on your computer as if it were an executable, and it automatically plays it in CS seamlessly. It also includes a nifty GUI and can help with making movies out of those 2 skill demos you’ve got!
  • Ability to repair demos with playback on wrong map and stuck console. Half-Life has a serious bug which makes demos unplayable if multiple demos are recorded on more than one map. Another bug causes the console to be stuck throughout the whole demo.
  • Ability to remove fade to black in demos. Now you can watch demos recorded under fade to black as if they were recorded normally.

It’s a neat program, and if you record and monitor a lot of your demos it definitely becomes a friend. Visit the » GeekPlay website for more information and download links.
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