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Сегодня на CS-Nation » раздают очень красивый скин для автомата Калашникова, получивший максимальный рейтинг: 10/10.

И на том-же » CS-Nation как бы невзначай промелькнула информация об открытии официального сайта Counter-Strike 2:
In related news, cliffe has told me that our hosting won’t be going away any time soon and that our hosting will continue to the official Counter-Strike 2 website as well.

Интересно, какой-же домен будет у CS 2? http://www.counter-strike2.net, http://counter-strike2.com/, http://counter-strike2.org/ - заняты… И даже http://counter-strike-2.net занят.

P.S. » В комментариях к новости о сайте CS2 прочитал интересное мнение одного из модераторов сайта:
CS1.6 probably won’t be released for at minimum a few more weeks, and more likely a month or perhaps even two from now.

CS1.7 is slated to be the last update to CS, and the point at which Steam is fully, completely, and without exception integrated into CS. I’m going to wildly guess that’s maybe four months after CS1.6 is released.

CS:CZ gets released somewhere near the time of CS1.7 (if not at exactly the same time) and is available to purchase in stores or over Steam.

Business sense is to not release anything hot and wonderful until what you already have out there has already passed the peak. So, give CS1.7 and CS: CZ another 4−6 months. That puts you past the Christmas season, and so sales of CS: CZ will probably be pretty slow at that point.

After that… I don’t see why we wouldn’t see CS2, and perhaps TF2/HL2 near that point in time. Of course, this is all blatant speculation, but if I’m anywhere near the mark, we’re looking at seeing CS2 in about a year, or just under. That’ll be an interesting time.


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