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New in ActivePerl
  • Several bug fixes and other improvements have been merged from the Perl development track. In particular, many of these fixes address weaknesses in Unicode support. See the ActivePerl source code diff for the complete list of included changes.
  • Bugs in the Perl 5.8 integration of Perl for ISAPI and PerlScript that resulted in failure to flush output correctly at the termination of the script have been fixed.
  • On Windows, system () and backticks could return invalid status when running under environments where the process has to handle Windows messages. PerlScript and Perl for ISAPI fall under this category. The problem has been corrected.
  • On Windows, PerlScript and Perl for ISAPI were affected by a reentrancy problem, which meant that recursive invocation of these two engines could fail. This problem has been corrected.
  • Tk and libwww-perl has been updated to their latest versions.
  • Win32::Shortcut no longer calls CoUninitialize () within an END block. This avoids random coredumps from this module when its DESTROY methods happen to get called after the END block executes.
  • PPM v2 and v3 can now optionally generate HTML documentation when installing packages if POD documentation is found in the package. This is controlled by the rebuildhtml option in PPM v2 and the rebuild-html option in PPM v3.
  • Other minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

Both releases are available for download here: » http://www.ActiveState.com/ActivePerl/download.

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